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The BALAYAN GROUP brand lab is an identity system for working with visual style. We aim to make all elements of communication consistent and easy to perceive.

At Brand Lab, we have gathered all the tools that help to manage the brand.

The Logo

Rules for the use of the logo
  • The security margins around the logo are equal to the height and width of the first letter "B".
  • Do not place other objects in the area of the security margins.
  • Do not rotate or rearrange elements of the logo.
  • Do not change the proportions of the logo.
  • Do not change the colors of the logo.
The BALAYAN GROUP company name
  • On all materials we write the company name in Latin or Cyrillic: BALAYAN GROUP or БАЛАЯН ГРУПП.
    It is acceptable to write the name with a vertical line: BALAYAN | GROUP or БАЛАЯН | ГРУПП.
  • It is acceptable to abbreviate the full company name to BIG.
  • Only capital letters are used in the name, quotation marks are not included.
  • The company name is not declined.

The brand color palette

Age grey
Sunny red
Space grey
Light grey


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